9:00A  WELCOME/Introductions

9:15A  LEAD / Race Perceptions in Life & Business

Moderator:  Dr. Wilmer  (SiriusXM Radio), Damarcus Alexander (Boeing Co), Vita Harris (DraftFCB) , Greg Hinton (invited), Robert Ingram (Black Enterprise), 
World Demographics have shifted significantly. An ethnic group or ethnicity is a population group whose members identify with each other on the basis of common nationality or shared cultural traditions. The term race refers to the concept of dividing people into populations or groups on the basis of various sets of physical characteristics.  While many countries shy away from classifying individuals according to these classifications, this continues to be a critical social issue in the United States from access to job opportunities to profiling to resources. 

Additionally by 2017 Latino, African American and Asian buying power in the U.S. is expected to increase to 1.7, 1.3 and 1 trillion respectively.  This expert session takes a deep dive into   ​

 This critical conversation will focus on the impact of race as a business and social construct and how to move past it for the greater good. 

10:15A   LEAD / Culture, Social & Environmental Justice 
Nadine Vogel (Springboard Consulting), Kim Lewis (U.S.G.B.C.), Kevin McEwen (Dancer/Performer), Gabrielle Bullock, FAIA (Perkins+Will)
During this enlightening session our speakers will explore the impact of culture on social justice, the view that everyone deserves equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities and the intersection of culture on with environmental justice, the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people.  Our experts will discuss solutions and provide insight into how social and environmental justice impact how we work, live and play.

11:15 Facilitated Open Table Discussions Race, Environmental & Social Justice

Carole Weinsten, Learning Works
Disruptive topic breakouts on previous sessions.  Bring your thoughts, ideas, best practices and be prepared to lend your voice to the paradigm shift!

12P  LUNCH N LEARN / The Intersection of Architecture and Hip Hop Culture Michael Ford, The Hip Hop Architect
Hip Hop Inspired Architecture + Research Paper: "Hip Hop Lyrics as Modernism’s Post Occupancy Report" Hip Hop has established itself as a gravitas culture which crosses borders of race, ethnicity and class through its four foundational elements, MCing, DJing, Graffiti and Breaking. Members of the hip hop community carry the residue of the culture into all spaces they inhabit and their individual works are seasoned with its flavor, the practice of architecture is not exempt. Michael Ford is dedicated to stimulating cross disciplinary discourse between architectural practitioners and end users on the sociological and cultural implications of architecture on its inhabitants. Ford’s multi-media lecture, Hip Hop Architecture uses music videos and a live DJ to extract samples of hip hop lyrics as dialogue, commentary and counterpoints to popular architectural history and theories. Since its’ inception, the hip hop MC, has served as a voice of the disenfranchised and the often unheard end users of urban renewal initiatives. 


​Robert Ingram (Black Enterprise Magazine) Doreen Broadnax (Entertainer/Activist), Tara Griggs Magee (CEO, TGM Entertainment), Sheila Robinson (CEO, Diversity Woman)
This panel will have an open authentic conversation about the world as we see it through the media’s eyes and how media and social media shape perceptions. With the onset of social media and new media, does the media shape perceptions and do entertainers have a responsibility to be role models? Do media imitate life or does life imitate the media. Let’s start the discussion there and end the discussion with how to reshape the message. 

2:15P  UNITE /  COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: Engaging Communities, Constituencies and Employees 
​Moderator:  Darlene Slaughter (United Way Worldwide), Chevonna Johnson (AAU Youth Magazine), Singleton Beato (4A's),  Radile Makone, Walter Sanderson (SiriusXM Radio), Gregory Jackson (National Alliance for Partnership in Equity)

Lead by example, mentor and engage the next generation to carry the torch on diversity and inclusion.  The millennial generation has different ideas about diversity.  This panel of thought leaders will share best practices and strategies on reconnecting the generational divide. Diversity pedagogy is shifting through community engagement, constituent engagement and employee engagement.  Hear from leaders who are shifting the paradigm through impactful programming focused on diverse constituents that is making an impact.  The closing session features award winning and nominated international public service advocates from the African diaspora who will inspire us through their vision, advocacy and public service that have shifted perceptions, created equality and focus for individuals, governments and communities. 

3:15P Facilitated Open Table Discussions Entertainment, Worklace & Community Engageent Carole Weinstein, Learning Works
Disruptive topic breakouts on previous sessions.  Bring your thoughts, ideas, best practices and be prepared to lend your voice to the paradigm shift!

4:00P  Closing Keynote: The Power of Global Collaboration

Janet Salazar (CEO & Co-Founder, IMPACT Leadership 21 and Chief UN Representative, FSUN)

4:30P  Closing Remarks



HOST: Ericka Dunlap

The workforce is changing, the politcal climate is shifting, the globalization is real and not always in a manner conducive to effective diversity and inclusion practices.  We are pioneering the first ever “Pop-Up” Diversity Leadership Roundtable in NYC.  It takes a village to catch the world up with the changes facing the world and it will take each of us to lead the change. We have gathered thought leaders to facilitate learning, discussion and support the next level of the global diversity continuum.  Durimg this leadership roundtable we are covering critical topics and determining the state of diversity and how we as leaders shift the paradigm.   Join thought leaders to add your voice and commitment to the cause.   Bring and open mind, a desire to understand and a commitment to advance diversity and inclusion.    

Our Format is simple:  Expert Speakers + Facilitated Breakout Discussions = Published Event Proceedings

The 2019 Program will be announced soon!

Review the dynamic past agenda below. 


1:00P  WELCOME/Introductions

1:10P Your Baseline Leadership Trajectory

David Lipscomb CIS Training Systems)
The intersection between your habits, health and your ability to be successful will be explored during this interactive session with David Lipscomb.  David, a former corporate executive who found his passion through cycling has built a successful leadership business focused on health, exercise and business.  David has overcome major illness and is an example that focused commitment on health and wellness can drive business success.

2:00P  UN - DIVERSITY “What if we eliminated the word from the conversation?”

Kenton Clarke (CEO of Computer Consulting Associates International, Inc. & Diversity Business)

2:40P  MISSION DRIVEN LEADERSHIP: Navigating the Complexity of Inclusion  
Andrea Browne- Philips (Madison Strategy Group), Jack Lea (Excutive Director, NCMAF)
Organizations that are mission based are shaped by the individuals who lead them.  As our society rapidly evolves, how does this complex adaptive system impact our leadership style, our mission readiness and our workforce.  How do we educate, engage and maintain relevancy while fostering a culture of inclusion?


Fiona Citkin. PH.D., (Author, Strategist), ​Serra Sippel (Center for Gender Equity & Health), Sherry Snipes (Global Diversity Collaborative)

 The global continuum on diversity continues to become more diverse with women making up approximately 50% of the population, increasingly entering the workforce, moving up the corporate ladder and often being the sole parent in US households with children under age 18.  Many organizations have under representation of women on their boards and in leadership roles and even more stark under representation of women of color.  Even more startling since African American women are the most educated group in the United States.  During this frank, open discussion, our experts will discuss the status quo and openly challenge societal views on gender discuss how to move the needle on gender perceptions.

​4:30P  LEARN /  VETERANS reemployment, disabilities and workplace integration

Cassandre Joseph (Cornell University), Judy Young (Cornell University)
After multiple wars, veterans are returning in droves to the workforce.  Employers are attempting to focus on reintegration into the workplace, while meeting the specific and unique needs of veterans.  During this session, subject matter experts from Cornell University will discuss findings from the Disability Institute and their successful initiative on reemploying veterans, while considering specific needs of veterans and the disabled community.

5:45P  Networking Happy Hour

Join peers at a local happy hour to network, build relationships and make a few new friends!