Many of you know me as a former Fortune 500 Diversity & Human Capital Executive.  I am honored to continue to impact the profession through my work as a Social Entrepreneur and invite you to join me at the 6th Diversity and Inclusion Academy Awards and Leadership Institute. Formerly known as the DANDI Awards & Executive Forum.  It is my 6th year for the awards. I thank you for those who continue to support this movement to catch the world up with the changes facing the world.


The diversity and inclusion awards program is now the “Diversity Academy Awards” and our mission is “To celebrate and exalt innovative work and sustained commitment to diversity and inclusion!”  The Diversity Academy is an academy of professionals that will advise and guide on the program, mission and award selection process. Stay tuned for more exciting updates including streamlined categories and a new viewer favorite category!

We have upgraded the executive forum to a Leadership Institute.  We have created a venue for leaders across organizations to develop diversity and inclusion competencies by improving their personal leadership trajectory through inclusive understanding. I encourage everyone in a leadership role (any level) including executives, managers, non-profit leaders, professionals, ERG volunteers and community activists to join us for general sessions and focused workshops.  Take a deeper dive into the topics and skills that are relevant to your personal and/or organizational  continuum.  The theme for the Diversity Leadership Institute is “Diversity Visionary: Leading in the 21st Century”, with three tracks: Workplace, Marketplace/ROI and Social Equity.

I look forward to talking with you soon about the many opportunities to get your organization involved including registering your leaders, submitting nominations for the Diversity Academy Awards and partnering with us through our extensive marketing/branding opportunities. Please feel free to contact the my office at *320.591.3482 or email me at  

Warmest regards always,


Sherry Snipes
Founder & CEO, Global Diversity Collaborative
Founder, the Diversity and Inclusion Academy Awards & Leadership Institute

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