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  • BBC World News
  • Brooklyn Museum of Art
  • Blackleaf Vodka
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  • Connextions Magazine
  • Cornell University
  • Daymond John
  • Diageo
  • Dignity Respect Campaign
  • Edie Fraser, STEM Connector
  • EMC
  • Georgetown College
  • Geoffrey Holder (post-humous)
  • Dr. Greg Hinton
  • Hire Disability Solutions
  • Institute for Diversity & Ethics in Sports
  • Johnson & Johnson Vision Care
  • Dr. Michael S. Joyner, Touchless Flatware
  • Kigali Reading Center
  • Leapfrog Project
  • Wendy Lewis  for MLB
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  • McKissack & McKissack for Martin Luther King Jr.  Memorial
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Ericka Dunlap

Former Miss America

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  • Georg Kraft-Kinz 
  • RIBA USA with UAP

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM)

  • Crystal Bonds
  • Sabine Herlischka
  • Million Women Mentors

Corporoate/Consumer Products

  • Irisha Luhanga
  • Judit Havasi

 Legacy Honoree

  • Thuli Mondonsela

Public Service/Advocacy Honoree

  • Cecile Kinyenge

Humanitarian Impact Honoree

  • Beryl-Nalova Asobo Tsavbee (M.A.) Bishop

Guest Artists

2016 nominees & past honorees '12-'15

formerly the D&NDI Awards

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The DIVERSITY ACADEMY AWARDS ceremony (formerly the DandI awards) to honor individuals, groups, and organizations at its 5th Annual Award Ceremony.

New York (August 22, 2016) – The Founder, Sherry Snipes and Diversity Academy Advisory Board of the Diversity Academy Awards + Leadership Institute are pleased to announce individuals and organizations being honored for their outstanding commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive world at its 5th Annual Award Ceremony, to be held on Friday November 4th, 2016 at 6:30 PM in New York City hosted by BBC World News American Anchor, Laura Trevelyan.

The Evening will begin with a VIP cocktail reception at 6:30 PM, followed immediately by the Awards ceremony. The Diversity Academy Awards Ceremony will be hosted by BBC World News Anchor, Laura Trevelyan.  This special night will celebrate special international honorees that include, Thuli Mondonsela (Legacy Award), Cecile Kinyenge (Public Service/Advocacy), Bishop Beryl-Nalova Asobo Tsavbee (Humanitarian Impact Award).  Past honorees include architect Maestro German Samper Gnecco, FAIA, Dr. Benjamin Chavis, Honorable Carolyn Mahoney, Edie Fraser and Tony Award winning director, and civil rights activist Geoffrey Holder (posthumous). The ceremony will announce winners of competitive nominations in diverse fields such as Art/Culture, Education, Entrepreneur, Environment/Sustainability, Media, and Non-Profit Sector amongst others. 

The 2016 Diversity Academy Awards Nominees:

Diversity Academy Awards + Leadership Institute Event Office 

[T] 320.591.3482
[E] sherrysnipes@diversityacademyawards.com
[W] www.diversityacademyawards.com

Preceding the Diversity Academy Awards is the Leadership Institute scheduled for November 4th-5th, 2016 in New York City.  The Leadership Institute theme is Diversity Visionary: 21st Century Leadership. This is an engaging Socratic training on with a cross industry of executives, practitioners, experts and activists participating. Join this powerful program to build your leadership capacity in an ever increasing diverse world.


About the Diversity academy Awards
The Diversity academy AWARDS honors individuals and organizations for demonstrating outstanding commitment to creating a more diverse and inclusive world!  In 2012, formerly known as the DandI Awards, this annual celebration recognizes and honors those who represent exemplary commitment and focus on diversity and inclusion.  The mission of the awards is to celebrate the contributions of any individual, group or organization that is truly making a difference towards creating a diverse and inclusive world. 

2016 Program sponsors include Diageo, Cornell University, SiriusXM Satellite Radio, Imaging Success Group and Global Diversity Collaborative.  Past sponsors include NASCAR, Prudential Financial, Uptown Magazine, New York Times, Mars, Diversity Woman and Diversity Global. Our 2016 Global partner is Globuntu Academy for Happy Minds.  To learn more about the awards and Leadership Institute, visit www.diversityacademyawards.com.

2016 Nominee Press Release

Tai Beauchamp

Blueprint Media

Photo Gallery

Winners & Honorees '12-'15

Norbert Pauser

Pauser Consulting

Vienna, Austria


  • Eugenie Drakes 
  • Museum Hue
  • Sharon Jackson

CSR/Environmental Justice

  • Ground Swell
  • Brenda King 
  • US Department of Commerce MBDA


  • National Conference on Ministry to the Armed Forces
  • Asian American Coalition of Chicago
  • American Conference on Diversity


  • Dr. Kyle A. Reyes
  • Darren August
  • Voices of African Mothers


  • Diversity Woman
  • Doreen Broadnax
  • Soji Akinlabe


  • Cook-Ross
  • Christine Marek
  • Vanessa Parumal


  • Kurz Lasnig
  • Rosa Brignone
  • Radile Mokone

Health Care

  • Vela Maseko
  • Center For Health And Gender Equity
  • Delete Blood DKMS